Pack Rat Removal

Pack Rat Removal

Top Rated Pack Rat Removal in Memphis

Action Yard & Tree Services is pleased to provide professional and reliable pack rat removal in Memphis . Pack rats are desert-dwelling rodents that are quite common in Arizona. Pack rats, also called woodrats, are relatively large, nocturnal animals. Like other types of rats, their presence can pose a threat to human health.

Pack rats are not clean animals, and they have been known to spread diseases and parasites. Furthermore, pack rats can damage homes and create a nuisance for homeowners. If you believe you may have a nest in or around your home, call the pack rat control experts at Action Yard & Tree Services to request an appointment for pack rat removal in Memphis .

Inside a Pack Rat’s Nest

If you request professional pack rat removal in Memphis from our team, you’ll never need to get a first-hand look at what goes on inside a pack rat’s nest. It’s always recommended that you call a professional for help, rather than try to get rid of pack rats yourself.

Pack rats build rather complex nests, often consisting of several chambers. These rodents use twigs, leaves, and other plant-based material and debris. Furthermore, pack rats often carry back human items to their nests. They are particularly fond of shiny things like jewelry and soda can tabs.

The average nest can be three to five feet in both height and diameter. One animal may use multiple nests. It’s typical of pack rats to live alone, except when they are breeding. A pack rat in Memphis will pee and defecate all over its own nest, creating a disgusting mess. This is definitely not something you want in your attic, which is why you’ll want to schedule pack rat removal in Memphis as soon as you notice any possible signs of rodent activity.

The Dangers of Pack Rat Infestations

Yes, pack rats can be dangerous to humans. They can inflict damage on residential and commercial properties, and they can spread diseases and parasites. It’s why we recommend scheduling pack rat removal in Memphis as soon as you notice any possible signs of these pests. The effects of a pack rat infestation can include the following:

Damage to Properties: Pack rats will gnaw through just about anything. They can inflict enough damage on the trees on your property to kill them. These rodents can also chew through the electrical wiring, insulation, and other materials that comprise your home or commercial building.

Pack Rat Removal In Memphis

Damage to Possessions: It isn’t just buildings and trees that suffer from pack rat infestations. These rodents will also damage your possessions. They chew through bedding, furniture, and other belongings. In addition, pack rats have been known to squirrel away shiny objects. This is a significant problem if, for example, a pack rat happens to find your irreplaceable heirloom jewelry.

Damage to Human Health: Pack rats use their own feces to seal together nest building materials. They also pee on their nests, allowing the pee to crystalize, harden, and form strong bonds for the building material. Clearly, this sets the stage for exposure to numerous diseases and parasites that may harm nearby humans. Furthermore, pack rat nests are known to attract other pests, such as scorpions, brown spiders, kissing bugs, and even mice.

The Keys to Pack Rat Removal

The key to pack rat removal is to understand what not to do. Oftentimes, homeowners will set out poison in hopes of eliminating their pests without having to call professionals. Unfortunately, this isn’t the recommended solution for these rodents. Commercially available rodent poison is licensed for the elimination of commensal rodents, which include house mice and roof rats, but not pack rats.

Not only is rodent poison ineffective for pack rats, it’s also strongly discouraged because it can adversely affect the biodiversity of the entire area. Pack rats are prey animals for hawks, owls, bobcats, coyotes, and other wildlife. Poisoning a pack rat might not necessarily kill it, but it will harm the wildlife that may eat the rat.

How We Get Rid of Pack Rats

Instead of using poison, our approach to pack rat removal in Memphis involves the use of live trapping. Pack rats are not fearful of new objects that they suddenly find in their environment, and so they will readily investigate rodent traps. We use appropriate baits, such as raisins, oatmeal, bacon, and nuts to lure the pack rats into the traps. Then, we remove the animals and humanely dispose of them.

This method of pack rat removal in Memphis is not only humane for the rodents, but also avoids inflicting harm on all other wildlife in the area. And since pack rats typically live alone, live trapping is a far more effective method of control than it would be for house mice.

Pack Rat Removal In Memphis

As you can see, the team at Action Yard & Tree Services takes a professional, results-driven approach to pack rat removal in Memphis . Our pack rat removal experts will evaluate your infestation and eliminate these pests from your property. Call our office today at (520) 829-4791 to schedule an appointment, and be sure to ask us about our full spectrum of Tree Service and Tree Service Experts services.